Charles Chamberlain

Starting a project


Hello there, fellow people of the internet!

I'm starting this blog as an informal place to put some thoughts online, document my progress on a personal project (to be decided), and in general try to build something I'm proud of. The writings you'll find here are not polished or precise. It's possible I will work on some kind of writing like that in the future, and also possible this blog will include some description of how I do that writing, but you should primarily think of this as akin to twitter without the ads or word limit.

My primary goal is to use this blog as motivation for a larger project, to be determined. A friend of mine has recently started working on some generative art at the Recurse Center and I am hoping to embrace that type of creativity and joy in a new hobby, here. My next post will hopefully outline a more concrete description of said project, though I do not expect anything to be written in stone for, well, ever.