Charles Chamberlain

Birch Log: Open Beta


Last night I dreamt I was hit by a sandstorm. There were winds blowing so hard I had to cling to a groove in the wall not to be swept away. I tried running forward but everything was moving so fast around me. This is what development on Birch feels like.

I'm launching Beta v0.0! It's still missing some important features (*cough* integrations, forms *cough*), but I think what's there is solid. You can try it out now!

Progress Update

What's changed since last time? Oh so much!

What isn't there?

Well, there aren't quite enough operations on tables right now. It's just .insert(), .last(), and .all(). No mutation, no indexing, no mapping, or filtering. That's all coming soon.

There's also no user-friendly way to get data into the system. You can hard-code functions yourself that insert the data you want, or you can POST /api/run   to call a function with some data, but you can't easily have a non-technical user give you data. What we need are first-class forms... Coming Soon™!

And lastly, there's not much you can do with the data once it's in the system. I'm talking running functions on a timer. I'm talking integrations: First I'll add get and post primitives — sending http requests from Birch. Then an easy shortcut to email yourself. Maybe eventually... Airtable integrations? Google calendar? Salesforce...? Venmo!?

So you're telling me there isn't an easy way to get the data into Birch and once you get it in there isn't much to do with it?

Exactly! That's what makes me so excited – there's so much to build!

General Thoughts

As always, my twitter is @charlesetc and my email is [email protected]. Feel free to reach out! You can also subscribe to Birch-specific updates.

Thanks for reading and hope you have a great day!