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What's a better way to get to know someone than by reading through their stream-of-consciousness journal? Here are some entries / thoughts / headlines from mine over the past few days.

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From Engineering and Evolving Ideaspace by Ben:

"Stories, images, films, games, music etc. all point to some level of pre-conceptual understanding in our minds. Perhaps these media reach the Jungian unconscious where they resonate with our primordial archetypes. Perhaps they simply point to fragments of the shared human experience, showing us we're never alone in the most fundamental of ways. Artists compress these wisdoms into artwork in a similar sense to nature compressing structure and behaviour into genes. DNA itself is an interpreted language, it cannot be understood without the surrounding chemical context. Similarly, art encodes memes into forms that only make sense when considered by human minds (at least for now). Somehow, just like a robust gene, great art carries its message across generations, borders and even millennia."

From May-Li Khoe:

make your life a personal work of art filled with whatever random things energize you ✨

those little random 🌱 will bloom into things you never would have imagined if you give them the space outside a conventional career to grow

From Hazel Weakly:

Every day I think about how I could just start a company and instantly attract world tier talent by saying "we're committed to psychology safety, healing, and ethical computing"

books saved, not yet read

A Pattern Language: Towns, Buildings, Construction

Deschooling Society

A Teenage Liberation Handbook

On Writing Well

To Have or To Be

Building the Intentional University

slightly longer-form thoughts

What would it look like to have a waveform for describing alphabets? Polynomials, linear algebra, etc are alphabets.

Kind of like waveform collapse?

What if I defined some sort of literal alphabet made of linear algebra. "vectors" with the operations of addition, multiplication, etc. With the goal being to generate things.


"A notation for creativity"

what would that look like? What would be the evaluation? An image? Text?


Computer vision with laptop camera to read paper - write notation by hand and have a real-time repl. Would be dope.


Instead of having a bunch of tiles that all connect, I can have a port with lots of different routes/portals to other people's worlds (or even my own)

This gives you the same spatial understanding of the world as a big tile-based map does but maybe a bit more fun and they wouldn't have to be square? You could have tiles to other people's worlds too...


"what if islands were linear combinations of certain base features" - understandable, debuggable, fun - kind of like atoms being orbits

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